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Planning your future, business, or retirement needs a proper understanding of different aspects. Atlas specializes in guiding you regarding your investments and future decisions; as they say, "it's never too early to plan, and never too late to begin". You need to understand Planning = Peace of Mind. In short terms, Atlas is selling peace of mind, if it doesn’t sound too cheesy.

Atlas connected with 11thAgency for branding direction and stationery design; we worked on invigorating their visual representation and to their satisfaction, delivered as per the expectation.

“People these days trust you based on your presentation; your expertise is the measure of your branding, be it personal or business.”


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Crafting an Effective Brand Strategy: Representation and Impact

“We want to come across as a strong branding.”
Our art designer at 11thAgency has a rule, and that is to communicate through artworks and designs; he has a command over design language. Adjectives for Atlas are strong with research and planning, and also well-aware of the future opportunities in the world of economics.

We opt for the “strong” to be their branding language. The branding approach agreed upon was to show the stronghold of the Atlas team in the services and solutions they offer. The logo design; quite loudly depicts the strength part with a symbolic bull icon.

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Creative Representation

To cover the basis, designing a brand strategy is an essential facet because you lay a road map for all your creative artworks and visual language. We picked upon Strength of Atlas, and all our designs aggressively represented that throughout their brand identities.

More than just design; the stationery we provided, showed visual demonstrations, of creative artworks on different screens and mockups.

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We picked the right keywords and sketched the exact visual representation of the brand that loudly narrates its story, and it eventually helped the brand scale rapidly.

500+ Personal Plan Queries

300+  Retirement Plan Queries

250+  Business Plan Queries.

It’s quite phenomenal to see how well they pick keywords from the brief we provided and painted a beautiful picture of it