NIFT ePAY Branding

Offering payment solutions and beyond payments, NIFT ePay is a new-age payment gateway in Pakistan. NIFT is Pakistan’s pioneer check clearing company working for two decades. NIFT, while introducing their brainchild product NIFT ePay wanted to have a modern-day branding approach. A creative and elegant brand strategy was something NIFT ePay expected from the 11thAgency, which could enhance its brand credibility through creative branding strategies.

“We are a company full of highly experienced individuals working in financial services for more than two decades; now that we are introducing a new-age financial solution, digital payment system, we want the brand identities to be of millennial mindset as well”


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Nift ePay Branding Strategy

NIFT is already a well-established name in the financial industry of Pakistan, so the branding strategy had to be a blend of experience and an avant-garde design approach. First thing first, let’s discuss on what are the attributes we want to be related to NIFT ePay; we could have said experts of the field, trusted by the masses, but NIFT was keen to focus on “Solution-oriented” thus suggested solutions beyond payments.

The branding identities and visual language had to communicate that NIFT ePay is a human-centric, solution-oriented, and comfort-offering brand. The fintech industry is comparatively new and growing, so NIFT ePay has the advantage of being among the early birds, which we plan to exploit.

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Visual Identity

“We are very intended on how we communicate through our visual representation, from the selection of colors to fonts all must have a reason for selection”

11thAgency is determined to offer objective-based branding solutions; our selection criteria are not just being eye-catchy but purpose-driven creatives.

Color red show strength and grabs attention which helps us in social media marketing; Montserrat I a versatile font that can be used from website to print banners, and it’s easily readable.

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Visual Representation

Heavy on design and concept-based visual representation is what we are always coveting; at the same time, it must be easy on the eyes; brands that opted for easy-to-memorize logo designs have left a mark on the audience, be it Amazon or Nike, simplicity is what they stand on with concept.

Out of the logotypes, we picked the letter mark logo, “Lately it seems like we are pegged, to pick the letter or wordmark logos, but it’s ok they fit the modern era requirements”. We chose to play around with the letter “E” and tried different variations until we got the nod on the tick style. Tick is the symbol of rightfulness, so we say opting for NIFT ePay, is the right choice.

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Stationary & Marketing Material

Creating a brand identity is a one-time job, but carrying that approach throughout your website & marketing campaign is essential. Whether someone sees it online or in the newspaper, they should relate directly to the brand.

Once culminated with all the branding bottom lines, a strong brand communication strategy needed to be designed in the form of Brochures, office signage, letterhead, portfolios, and E.T.C; Asymmetry must be created across all the designs to communicate a strong brand language.

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Custom Artwork

A website to be interactive and have a strong visual language, it’s just that the artworks narrate the brand ideology. Icons speak a language used to construct an interactive user interface; it also helps create a human-centric web design.

The visual imagery of your website helps users to read your content easily, a visual representation of what’s written creates an easy-to-comprehend demonstration. We designed the website visual language of NIFT ePay to develop an enduring connection with the visitors.

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We helped NIFT ePay to design a visual language that can be carried forward on all the digital and non-digital platforms to create a strong brand image.

Attractive Brand Identity

Interactive Custom Artworks

Enduring Brand Strategy

We have using 11th Agency services in branding, UX/UI n other areas. They have done extremely good job and our clients are very happy.

Naumeena Sohail
CEO at TDF (Digital Partners NIFT ePay)