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Branding To eliminate the return rate from online shopping realift provides a virtual fitting room. Reasons why people return clothes online are because clothes don’t fit, or the actual fabric doesn’t meet the expectations of the customer as compared to what they saw online. To eliminate this gap between real-time experience and online shopping, realift came with a virtual solution. resolved a trending issue in the online shopping world, which can easily capture the whole E-commerce world. With proper branding, they can easily be the market leaders.

Realift has the edge of being the first in the market, which gives them the edge of being the pioneers, so by the time competitors crack the code they will already be the talk of the town.


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  • App Design
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Branding Approach

As good an idea Realift came with, they were equally well aware of the challenges of the market. They know where they want to stand to compete in the digital world. Developing a brand and creating brand awareness are the first few steps towards being a successful brand.
Your idea is always judged by its success in the field, since 11thAgency holds expertise in the digital and creative ecosystem, Relift contacted us to convert the idea into a successful brand.

“We know the business, we are excited and positive about its success, but we also know it is dependent on pertinent branding; we would like you to illustrate our idea online most creatively and attractively possible”
1thAgency is always eager to work on innovative ideas, so, from the point, Realift approached us, we had our minds running.

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Visual Strategy

Realift is an idea that is targeting a business whose audience is late millennials to Gen-Z, the era of digital transformation and social revolution who judge the brand based on its visual representation to serving behavior; so the margin of error is minimal.

The visual strategy was designed as per the preferences of the target audience. Use colorful elements that shouldn’t look too vibrant and shapes; that complement the brand ideology. Keeping all the prospects in mind, we designed their logo that had a contemporary touch yet was sophisticated.

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Visual Representation

Realift is a solution that fills the vacuum of the real-time experience, which exists between physical shopping and online shopping. The virtual world is evolving, and the need to eliminate the gap between real-time experience, and the online world is ever so important now.

11thAgency fancied an easy-to-understand representation of the brand where it’s easy to read and comprehend what the brand is all about. So the use of colors and fonts were singled out, keeping the easy-to-go and visitor-friendly approach in mind.

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Brand Stationery

“Not much experiment with the stationary, we would like to keep the cultured look, but the clarity is crucial; it must look businesslike”

11thAgency takes the desires of our customers into account, we had a very steady approach while designing the stationery. Since this is a B2B brand, the stationary and appearance were designed accordingly.

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The brand communication designed by the 11thAgency was truly remarkable, painting the right picture of our brief, truly impressed us, we are extremely confident moving forward with the website and application.

Ronald Dod
CEO & Co-founder Realift

Web Design

Realift wanted to keep its website elaborative, loudly telling all about the business. A young team motivated by their idea wanted to explain precisely what they offer.
“Just say it loudly we are offering augmented reality (A.R)”
While driving the website design, strategy, and wireframing; we kept in mind the clarity of thought process team Realift had in mind.

The brand information had to be represented clearly; the UI UX Design helped stakeholders see what our website architects have constructed. For Realift, the idea was to construct a self-explanatory interactive site using spot illustrations and high quality images. We structured a clean, attractive UI; the thing to flaunt is how well we have used the shape in the logo throughout our website.

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Website Development

“Good looks only last till you make the first click” – 11thAgency

It’s not just about good designs but also proper functionalities; an interactive, user-friendly online presence that communicates brand attributes is also essential.

Exhibiting augmented reality (AR) in real-time in a virtual world demands strong development knowledge; the idea of a virtual fitting room seems astonishing but is equally challenging.
Realift was very specific about every inch of the functionalities they wanted. This was also a learning curve for us to overcome the challenges.

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Brand Demonstration

Realift is a team of young entrepreneurs who also had to present the idea to different brands that they were targeting. For this purpose, they want a presentation design or a pitch deck design that is made, as per the brand ideology and creatives. Using the elements and illustrations from the website we made sure that it must seem like a true representation of the brand; from content to images everything was well synced.

The idea was; that the moment a person sees the presentation or the website first could easily relate, the same ideology is carried through all the platforms, be it social media or application development.

App Design

Realift bridges the gap between online and physical retail stores with try-on experiences.
This was made possible, by using character design skills, made based on the measurements customers provide

A mobile application is preferred by customers if it provides solutions for recurring activities; such as socialization, communication, and entertainment. Shopping is also one of them. We adopted an easy-to-understand approach and didn’t want the customers to get agitated by the complexity of inputs.

With attention to each detail, from branding to application development, our approach was human-centric to get the maximum outcome in terms of leads and clicks.

1000+ Downloads

200+ Clients On Board

15K+ Monthly visits

Attention to each detail is something I would like to appreciate, not every Product Design company has that kind of precision, highly impressed by 11thAgency on that.

Ronald Dod
CEO & Co-founder Realift