An innovative idea always aims to reduce the time and efforts of human resources and replace it with technological solutions; Grovia, with the same object, offers an effortless partner recruitment solution. As the first partner recruitment service

Grovia addressed the issue in a creative way; after thorough research and evaluating the business needs, they thought of a platform that aims to bring all resolutions under an umbrella. To execute this idea, partnered with the 11thAgency to create an online platform that offers a solution to the pondered issue. 11thAgency was trusted to paint the exact image of the idea they presented.

Grovia is an AI technology that automates the partner identification and recruitment process. Hunting for a suitable partner was a challenge that needed to be addressed. There is a pool full of talented partners that can help you scale your business, but unfortunately, we never had a mechanism that unifies all on a single platform.


  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Branding Solution & Stationary
  • Web Design & Development
  • SaaS Product Design
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Presentation

Visual Identity

So the immediate challenge was to create a compelling brand identity that speaks about the approach and mindset behind Grovia.
Grovia is an innovative idea of two highly motivated growth-oriented youngsters who were excited about their innovation, as it was truly an ingenious approach to resolving a problem. The approach we determined after several discussions, was that we should opt for a vibrant, friendly & interactive attitude,

Team Grovia carries a solution-oriented mindset, which also focuses on creating ease for the users, the 11thAgency is always determined on delivering under the vision of our client. Two driving aspects in the finalization of brand identity were visibility and readability comfort.
“Partner Recruitment on Auto-Pilot” is what outlines the complete awareness of the brand, as it simplifies a rigorous search process for partner recruitment.

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Brand Representation

We at 11thagency believe that your logo must narrate a story, a story that defines the concept behind your brand. Grovia means Helpful, Researcher, Comfortable, and all these attributes are narrated through their logo.
The logo of is a combination of three elements: 1st in “G” from the word Grovia, 2nd is the “search icon”, and 3rd is a “tick”, promises to be a platform that provides the most precise search results for your talent hunt.

The logo is a combination of wordmark and emblem played with two colors; the red color tells the story of the passion team possesses. The blue color is more about inspiration and imagination. Combined we say

“Grovia is a team of inspired individuals who are passionate to do some good and innovative with the strong imagination and expertise they have”

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11thAgency is world-class. I highly recommend working with the 11thAgency across web design & development, UI/UX design, and branding. They have a fantastic work ethic and are a pleasure to work with!


Our website architects had to design the basic structure of your online visual communication on the basis of brand strategy; the wireframe works as a storyboard that communicates the flow of the website or defines the users-journey, helping the stockholders see the first look and comment accordingly.
For Grovia, we started with a low-fidelity wireframe to set the goals and define the objectives. Once we agreed on the basic structure, we worked on creating an interactive user experience by designing an easy-to-understand hierarchy; the high-fidelity wireframe was crafted to narrate all the information visually.

The 11thAgency had to create the wireframe keeping in mind that audiences are to be educated and at the same time drive them to take action to sign up to investigate more.
We decided to adopt an interactive approach, which is a combination of precise, informative content supporting icons and attractive visual representation with animations to give the website an appealing look.

image 1083

Web Design

The UI UX design brings the website to life; the structural and user experience recommendations made in the wireframe are now being executed to create an interactive and self-explanatory website design. The use of images with brand identities was to keep the brand representation alive throughout the website.

“The header animation is dope!” said It’s always exciting to work with clients who are specific about what they want and where they want us to place the artworks because then we have a clear idea of how to execute our plans.

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Website Elements & Icons

Grovia was clear about their idea and the same clarity they expected to be visible in their online presence. Our artists designed every element from scratch with remarkable finishing, which eventually gave a striking look to the website.

Although these elements and icons might seem to be a minor part of the visual language, they communicate the quality of your online presence; they show how well you have kept every detail in mind.

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SaaS Application

The website offers two search engines to the users; one is a keyword query that provides results based on high intend search phrases, and the second is, the competitive query that shows competitors doing active backlinking by punching in the company name.

Our SaaS-based product-design solutions are detailed to the tiniest functionality, and web development is structured on clean coding to avoid any hindrance while using the application.

You can find contact details, create your favorite list, and even export the data to create a database. Providing required data with complete information for you to find the best-fit partners is what all the functionalities intend to do.
Although it was a complex mechanism, which required a lot of thinking and revisions, the result proved it was worth investing time into

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Social Communication

Connecting partners across borders, finding the right person for the right job, and identifying the talent you need; all these messages had to be communicated loud and clear through our social platforms. Our digital marketing language was more about selling information and educating businesses on how they can scale with the help of Grovia.

Carrying the same ideology on which we designed Grovia’s brand must be carried forward to the social platforms as well to show the symmetry was our strategy behind creating their digital appearance.

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image 1101

Grovia came to us with an idea to help them create their online existence. We studied the business and suggested enhancing its branding. Together we transformed the raw idea into a visual reality, and today Grovia has

1000+ Signups

10,000+ Query Searches

500+ Premium Partners.

Working with 11thAgency is one of the best business decisions I've ever made. For the quality of work you get from this team, you'd have to spend $100k+ elsewhere. If you need web-design, don't waste your time looking anywhere else

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