Creative Branding Strategies For Evolus

An established name in the skincare world, there is nothing they aren’t doing; from Derma clinics to beauty products, Evolus is the market leader. Even the emperors have to battle to stay in the game; no one is exempted from rising competitors globally, so you must always stay on your feet.

Evolus wanted to experiment with the contemporary style of brand representation; the idea was to create artworks with a youthful & energetic approach. Evolus gathered a group to work on the project; all were equally excited to share their input.


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  • Branding Design
  • Custom Artworks
  • Outdoor Branding
  • Social Media Ads
Evolus Brand concept 2

Color Theory

While working with a brand of Evolus’s stature, you have to be extra observant regarding the selection of everything, as they carry a legacy. Color theory is, understanding the science behind colors and their use accordingly.

Knowing the color language, we incorporated them artistically to communicate our approach and message. 90% of liking or disliking is based on color; the first pull is always important, so finalize a palate that attracts attention.

image 1139


After being visually acceptable, your design content must be easily readable; the charm of content is what keeps your artwork alive in people’s minds. Evolus is a global brand, so writing that will be acceptable to all cultures was our focus.

For the branding to be conclusive, a perfect blending of color and font is essential. As we were working with top-notch designers from around the globe, it was amazing to see their branding approach and focus on the details.

image 1140
image 1141

Inventive Creative Branding Approach

Evolus exigencies were communicated upfront to all the designers working on the project. But the million-dollar question was; what new can we do? How to incorporate an already existing brand image with the millennial approach? Without distorting the existing legacy, how to bring a modern look?

Create something that people could relate to, people-centric designs, easy to relate to, and remember artworks. We opted for custom illustrations to put things differently and create visually appealing artworks.

evolus face mask 2
evolus woman T Shirt 2

Creative Artwork & Stationery Design

“The approach is recommendable; we acknowledge the efforts and believe rightful efforts produce results”
Which are the brands we remember? One with a simple approach or complex mindsets, take the example of Nike, Amazon, or Apple; the most common aspect is neatness and simplicity.

We planned to narrate the same in our design approach. Simple yet attractive, clean yet artistic are some of the adjectives you can relate to our artworks.

What was the drive behind? We say it’s relatable-designing; regardless of which channel you see it, you know where it belongs.

image 1142
image 1143
image 1144
image 1145

Outdoor Branding

Sync is necessary between branding on all platforms, be it digital or physical; the only concern for outdoors is getting the exact print out; color distortion, faded colors, sizing issues; keep every possibility in mind.

We designed from mockups on automobiles to embroidered bags to digital signage and provided a range of outdoor design solutions. The relevancy was uncanny; the moment you see it, you know where it belongs.

image 1146

Social Communication

In the era of social evolution, where more than 70% of the people in the world are using social media platforms, brands use these platforms to communicate with their audience, build brand image, and market.

A consistent approach is notable, and that’s what we adopted. Artistic designs using custom illustrations designed different variations that serve the purpose of brand promotion, spreading product knowledge, and celebrating achievements and occasions.

Other than the conventional realistic imagery practice, we tried to play with vector shapes and typography, which paid off quite well.

evolus grow 1
evolus grow img 1
evolus grow img 2
evolus product img 1

If our solutions are not helpful in terms of getting more views or generating more leads, we believe our job is not done. We look to design human-centric artworks, to grasp attention.

30% Boost In Social Media Platforms

12% Increase In Sales

40% Increase In Engagement

With a couple of approaches, 11thAgency was impressive, custom artworks for Evolus, well that's new, there is a lot of thinking before execution