In a world where creativity meets commerce, Levanta emerges as the transformative platform that brings creators and sellers together on Amazon. By breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration, Levanta empowers creators and sellers on the Amazon platform, opening the door to a new era of revenue possibilities and delivering unmatched convenience

Levanta is a dynamic platform for partner marketing specifically designed to empower Amazon sellers and publishers, unlocking a new revenue channel for their businesses. Built by the founders of Grovia.io, a renowned partner recruitment solution provider acquired by Acceleration Partners, Levanta has seamless integration with Amazon’s Attribution API.

Levanta partnered with 11thAgency to transform their idea into a visually compelling online platform. With 11thAgency’s expertise, Levanta’s concept was brought to life, ensuring a seamless user experience and effective communication of the platform’s value proposition.


  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Branding Solution & Stationary
  • Web Design & Development
  • SaaS Product Design
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Presentation

After the tremendous success of Grovia, we were faced with the challenge of securing more big brands, and they placed their trust in us, 11thAgency, to make it happen. While Grovia marked a significant milestone for us, we didn’t settle for our best; instead, we strived for even greater achievements to ensure the success of Levanta.

Visual Identity

At 11thAgency, we strongly believe in the power of a logo to tell a story that encapsulates your brand’s essence. Levanta, which means “CONNECT,” inspired our logo design. The open space in the middle, accompanied by a lightning icon, represents the speed at which we facilitate connections, surpassing other platforms. This combination of connecting with the right people and lightning-fast speed allows your business to “RAISE,” embodying the true meaning of Levanta.

Levanta is all about user satisfaction, providing new avenues for earning more and connecting creators with sellers seamlessly. The 11thAgency rises to the challenge, going above and beyond to fulfill our client’s vision and simplify their journey towards success.

Levanta Logo Branding 2
levanta branding 3

Color and Font Theory of Levanta

Colors and fonts play a vital role in Levanta’s brand identity, conveying its message and creating a captivating visual experience. Each color and font choice is purposeful, extending beyond aesthetics.

Green, symbolizing growth, resonates with Levanta’s vision of enabling business growth through strategic partnerships. A reliable message is conveyed through a darkish blue shade. These colors support the brand’s ideology and ensure visual appeal, with shared color codes for consistent branding.

We carefully crafted the logo marks to look great on various color backgrounds, whether it’s on a digital platform or in printed materials. By sticking to these colors when creating designs for the company, we ensure a consistent brand image that is visually appealing and helps in effective brand promotion.

levanta color img
levanta typography

Brand Guideline

Our brand guidelines became Levanta’s go-to resource for maintaining a cohesive brand identity. With clear instructions on logo usage, color schemes, typography, and visual elements, Levanta’s team was empowered to create consistent and impactful brand experiences. By adhering to the guidelines, Levanta achieved a unified look and feel across all channels, establishing brand recognition and trust among their target audience. The brand guideline served as a compass, guiding Levanta in its marketing efforts and ensuring a strong, recognizable brand presence in the market.

Levanta Logo Branding 6
Levanta Branding 4
Levanta Branding 1
Levanta Logo Branding 8
Brand img


Our tailored presentation became a game-changer for Levanta, an ambitious startup aiming to secure funds and onboard strategic partners. Recognizing the critical role of a persuasive pitch, we crafted a comprehensive and visually engaging presentation that effectively communicated Levanta’s business proposition. By highlighting their market differentiators, growth potential, and revenue projections, our presentation successfully captured the attention of potential investors and partners.

Through a combination of compelling storytelling and data-driven insights, 11thAgency provided Levanta with a powerful tool to convey their vision and secure the necessary financial support and collaborative alliances to fuel their business expansion. As a result of our impactful presentation, Levanta gained the confidence of key stakeholders, leading to successful partnerships that accelerated their growth trajectory.

Content Marketing Initiatives for Levanta

  • White-papers
  • One Pager
  • Marketing Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blogs and Custom Artwork
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
Presentation 1 scaled
Presentation 2 scaled

Custom Animation

Our custom animation services provided invaluable assistance to Levanta. We crafted a tailor-made animation that effectively conveyed their unique story and brand message. Through our expertise and attention to detail, we helped Levanta captivate its audience and make a lasting impression. The custom animation became a powerful tool for Levanta to communicate their value proposition and stand out in their industry.


Levanta’s visual identity extends beyond its logo, encompassing a captivating array of icons. Each icon is meticulously crafted to represent key elements of the brand’s offerings and values. These icons serve as visual cues that communicate concepts with simplicity and elegance, enhancing the overall user experience. Through our carefully designed iconography, Levanta creates a cohesive and intuitive visual language that resonates with its audience.

iconography img
fav icon


Patterns add depth and intrigue to Levanta’s visual identity, captivating attention and fostering recognition. The carefully curated patterns reflect the brand’s essence, embodying its values and creating a sense of unity across various touchpoints. Whether used in digital designs, printed materials, or interior decor, these patterns infuse Levanta’s visual identity with a touch of sophistication and playfulness, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter them.

pattern img
pattern img 1 1


At 11thAgency, we understand the importance of creating a structured skeleton as a requirement for our projects. Our wireframes are designed to be easily recognizable and help users achieve their end goals. With a diverse range of tasks, including web and application development, we approach each project differently.

For Levanta, we begin the wireframing process by starting with a low-fidelity wireframe. This initial step allows us to set clear goals and define the objectives of the project. Once we have reached an agreement on the basic structure, we proceed to create an interactive user experience.

To achieve this, we carefully design an easy-to-understand hierarchy within the wireframe. This ensures that users can navigate through the interface effortlessly and find the information they need. As we progress, we gradually transition to a high-fidelity wireframe that visually narrates all the essential information.

To ensure that our wireframes align with the vision and requirements of the project, we seek approval from the stakeholders. Their feedback and input play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the wireframes before moving forward with the development process.

Levanta WireFrame


Our approach to website UI/UX is centered around effective communication and impactful visuals. We understand that the website serves as a key marketing tool for the solution, so we prioritize clarity and purpose in its design. From carefully selecting images and visuals to utilizing animations and fonts, every element is chosen to convey the solution’s purpose and make a lasting impression.

We also pay close attention to the placement of content, ensuring it is easily readable and accessible to visitors. By considering these aspects, our website UI/UX design effectively communicates the solution’s value to businesses and individuals.

web design img 1 scaled
web design img 2 scaled
web design img 3 1 scaled


When it comes to application UI/UX, our primary focus is on creating a user-friendly experience. We understand the importance of ensuring that users can navigate through the application seamlessly without feeling lost.

To achieve this, we employ visually appealing UI designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We carefully select color combinations and create distinct sections within the application that are easily differentiable. This helps users quickly identify and comprehend different functionalities and features within the app.

By implementing intuitive navigation and clear information architecture, we strive to provide a seamless user experience. We ensure that important actions and features are easily accessible and prominently displayed, reducing the cognitive load for users.

At 11thAgency, we believe that a visually appealing UI combined with a user-friendly experience is crucial for the success of any application. Our design approach aims to strike a balance between aesthetics and usability, resulting in an application that is both visually engaging and intuitive to use.

application img 1 scaled
application img 2 scaled
application img 3 scaled

Social Communication

Levanta has a strong focus on social communication. Through our social platforms, we effectively convey the messages of connecting partners across borders, finding the right person for the right job, and identifying the necessary talent. Our digital marketing approach revolves around sharing valuable information and educating businesses on how they can scale their operations with the assistance of Levanta.

When it comes to our social presence, we maintain consistency with the brand’s ideology. We ensure that the same principles and values that guided the design of Levanta’s overall brand are carried forward into our social platforms. This strategy ensures a cohesive and harmonious digital appearance, reinforcing our brand’s identity and message across various channels.

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