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Gone the days when the management tasks were performed on paper, record keeping and inventory management have always been an issue that is being addressed, by SaaS applications and Mobile Applications. To meet the modern management system requirements in the cattle farming field, Ranch had an idea of an online application to eliminate the cattle management dilemmas.

The idea was to design a digital solution that helps cattle farmers manage their daily tasks in just a few clicks. With this rough idea, team Ranch approached 11thAgency to transform their raw idea into an online reality.

With rudimentary branding and scrambled ideas shared with 11thAgency, Ranch knew their destiny, and we had to construct the path, a digital road map to attain their desired output. First thing, was to organize all the ideas and functionalities that Ranch asked for.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Wireframe Design
  • SaaS Application Design
  • SaaS Application Development
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Strategy & Approach

We had to introduce an application, which was to be operated by individuals who are not used to the digital culture, thus that was a challenge that needed to be addressed; to simplify, we list down the functionalities Ranch will offer, Cattle Navigation, History Of Cattles, Easy Data Entry, Comfort in Buying & Selling, Accessible data at multiple places

Keeping all the asked functionalities, we have to design the best SaaS application that is utterly user-friendly. User-oriented product design was something we preferred, an elegant look but easy-to-comprehend approach needed to be adopted.

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What attributes do we want to relate to the brand ranch? Easy, interactive & coherent-application resolving cattle management issues; all this was under consideration while designing the initial interactive structure.

The wireframe was to provide a visual understanding to the stakeholders. The global and secondary navigation was also defined, to help Ranch foresee the user journey. After showing the bare bones of the product design, we demonstrated the first visual image of the Application.

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SaaS Application

A seamless and intuitive product design that is human-centric was the next step to get 1 step closer to our final product. A self-explanatory application is a right intended to be followed. As a web designing company, we are bound to share the best solutions that your company needs.

In an interactive web design that communicates with the user, solution-oriented products must be user-centric; this is our permanent approach while developing SaaS application whose end-user is general public and not very familiar with technology.

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We understood, evaluated the market, and delivered a product that was the brainchild of the Ranch team, a user-friendly solution-oriented application sooner got attention.

800+ Free Trials

400+ Registrations

350+ Application Downloads.

We had a raw idea of what we wanted, we shared it all with the 11thAgency to construct something out of it, and they did wonder, created excellence out it, as we wanted a human-centric user-friendly application

Philip Speake
CEO Founder at RANCHR