Visa Processes must be easy and accessible to all, aiming to eliminate the complications in the visa application process RocketVisa has developed a web application that scales down the process complexities.

Not a law firm but a group of experts who can facilitate the process to make it less aggravating for students. RocketVisa wanted the 11thAgency to facilitate them in website development and creative brand representation.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Wireframe Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom CMS
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Visual Representation of Rocket Visa

Our target audience is students, and RocketVisa is addressing an issue faced by students in their prime. Before moving on to the web design service, 11thAgency is always eager to decide on the brand’s visual representation of it, which includes colors, fonts, and extended iconology.

Educational institutes and related brands use colors like blue, red, purple, green, and yellow; so, out of the lot, we opted for the blue and its shades with Avenir font. The combination worked perfectly, and we decided to carry that throughout the website.

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“Our target is to generate leads, so our website must be planned accordingly, let’s create a user journey that works as a sales funnel, and visitor leaves as a customer.”

After team brainstorming, we selected two keywords around which our website design will revolve, one is “interactive” and the second is “sales-enabling” we drafted the wireframe around these two focus points. A perfect blend of information with relevant CTAs is the basic perimeter behind our thought process of website development.

gosite wire frame img

Web Design

As a web design company, ensuring Intuitiveness and user-friendly website structure is our prime responsibility. Once we have agreed on the flow of the website and decided what kind of user journey we will be offering, the next in line is to create an interactive web design. In consent with the idea that the website will be heavy on design and iconology, we designed custom artworks as per the need of the content and concept.

At 11thagency, we opt for a smart design approach according to which we create customized creatives based on concepts to create a sync. Once done with the visual design, we have thorough testing and validation process before handing it over to the development department. Being on the same page at the end of every phase is crucial, as we have then-and-there editing policies before proceeding to the next round.

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Web Development

Both our front-end and back-end developers then work on the necessary functionalities. Designed CTA (Call To Action) chart to explain RoecketVisa on all the functionalities they wanted to have fewer clicks to offer an easy-to-understand user experience. We put our feet in the user’s shoes and develop the app accordingly, as it’s for them.

Offering easy management solutions, we developed a CMS (Content Management System) that is easy to use, this helps them make content adjustments and editing their self. Before launching the product, we share a prototype, prototyping helps the stakeholders to evaluate all the basis and functionalities prior-hand.

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We transformed a RAW idea into a functional website in under a month. Team RocketVisa to create their online presence, a website that represents their brand in the digital world.

Sales Enabling Solutions

Engaging Website

Interactive Layout

Fitting Responsive management.

“Meeting all the client requirements is not easy these days, especially when a client sees so many options online, but 11thAgency was so instrumental with their approach, they had a perfect counter for all our queries, recommended”