Send Works Branding

SendWorks promise to fill all your Email marketing needs. The solution is not just restricted to email marketing, but the products offer elucidations for transactional emails, contact verification, DNS configuration, and SMTP server. A single platform to meet all your email needs; from API configuration to marketing.

The team SendWorks wanted to create a brand identity that communicates the multiple solutions they offer. To find reliable help with design needs and create a brand identity and branding solutions, SendWorks contacted the 11thAgency.

A brand identity is always created around the brand ideology; the concept of SendWorks is to keep the email cycle running with different digital tools; the same concept is communicated through the brand identity.


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SendWorks Logo

Font & Color Ideology

Keeping it simple, that the communication of the brand message is smoothly transmitted is the basic ideology of the brand. Rightful selections of fonts improve readability, accessibility, usability, and overall design. Nexa font has a poise to it that has a perfect balance between style and simplicity, precisely something we were looking for.

Two key elements, that combine to make a design visibly appealing are fonts and color. If we make the right pick, we have cracked the code of making eye-catching designs. We opted for a multiple-color approach as each color is designated for each product.

SendWorks Branding Colors
sendworks typography 1
sendworks typography 2

Brand Identity

The industry has evolved over the years; several third-party platforms, which offer email marketing solutions and more, came into existence. The attributes of the business and attributes of the products, are to be narrated through the brand identity.

Easy solution, trusted for comfort, can be sales enabling; translating all these through visual language, we created a branding identity that works best for the business.

sendx img 1 1
sendx img 2 1

Product Identities

SendX, an easy email marketing platform; is depicted by an icon of an arrow. SendPost enables direct inbox reach; played with an icon of letter cover. Sendverify enables email data clearing, shown by the tick icon. SendHealth, helping with DNS configuration, represented by a plus sign, an universal health icon. Iconology is the real game in the logo designing industry.

All your products branding must have an individual identity that explains them but at the same time a contra that differs one from one another. Branding that is self-explanatory, is always recommended.

sendpost img 2 1
sendpost img 1 1
sendhealth img 1 2
sendhealth img 2 1

We have a 100% satisfaction ratio, all based on the quality we offer; nothing else, quality is what defines us the best. Sendworks was another project where we displayed it.

Branding Solutions

Brand Identity

Product Identities

We wanted brand identities branding consultation, logo solutions, and all the help we can find to fill our creative needs, 11thAgency proved to be just the right agency for creative solutions