Shop & Win Web Design: THE CHALLENGE

Shop n win is an advanced e-commerce website of store type. It is combines everyone’s two favorite things, Shopping & Free prizes. It has extremely features, easy to use and fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. It comes with a lot of useful and features and unlimited variations. Our challenge to build search engine to bring the best product from name retailers and add instant win prizes and chance to be reimbursed for you purchase.

shopnwin mainimage casestudy

Interface Design of Shop & Win

Wireframing before visual design allowed us to map out the entire site, making sure we met every business goal and covered every benefit. Interactive design with such an expansive product, it was superior to wireframe every view and interaction before starting visual design. This product would be used by retailers with an audience that instant win prizes and chance to be reimbursed for you purchase. Wireframing before design ensured a complete and thought-out user experience.

sw wireframing image top1
sw wireframing image3
sw wireframing image2
sw wireframing image1


Unique and comforting color palette create stylish, vibrant, colorful website filled with engegy.

sw colors studio


R: 116 G: 74 B: 158
hex code: #744A9E

sw colors cureet orange

Carrot Orange

R: 248 G: 155 B: 29
hex code: #F89B1D

sw colors 9F2487

Dark Purple

R: 159 G: 36 B: 135
hex code: #9F2487

sw colors ED1C91

Deep Pink

R: 237 G: 28 B: 145
hex code: #ED1C91

sw colors 38285E


R: 56 G: 40 B: 94
hex code: #38285E


Proxima Nova works well for screens. It has great readability, flexibility and trendy.

Proxima Nova Font

a b c d e





Aa Bb Cc Ee 0123.!?#

Aa Bb Cc Ee 0123.!?#



0123456789 @#$% (.!?,:;)

UX/UI Design

E-commerce sites can be sincere, but with Shop n win, it required a bit more reflection
to convey the benefits of everything they provided to run a business: payment processing, searching, and business operations solutions. Depending on a user’s progress through the site, they might not experience Shop n win’s two main offerings. We designed a lot of this content as repeatable modules, which allowed us to utilize it throughout the site to cushion this message. It also allowed us to create consistency across the site, delivering a integrated web experience and speeding up the design and development process.

sw product page2
ShopWin Upload Recip casestudy image 1
ShopWin Home2222
ShopWin Upload Recip casestudy image
ShopWin YourPrizes casestudy image
ShopWin How it work casestudy image scaled
ShopWin How it work casestudy image
ShopWin Profile popup congratulation check image1
ShopWin Profile popup congratulation image1
sw product detail image1

Mobile Responsive

sw mobile screen2
sw mobile screen1
sw mobile screen3