DripIV lgo

Brand Name Anatomy

The name is combined from two words that present vision and its head on personality. Brave stands for being human.

Drip represents display a copious amount or degree of a particular quality or thing and iv is full form of (Intravenous) is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein.

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Font Typography

Proxima Nova

Combining geometric features with humanist proportions, Proxima Nova works across many different contexts thanks to its variety of weights and widths -typekit.com

Proxima Nova Light

Proxima Nova Regular

Proxima Nova Semi-bold

Proxima Nova Bold

Brand Primary Colors

Our primary colors are named Dark Pastel Green, Golden Taino, and Navy Blue. They have been carefully selected to balance Dark Pastel, Golden and Navy.

It’s rare to find colors that can be easily or exactly converted from RGB to Pantone and vice-versa, so the color breakdowns defined here are meant to capture the emotional intent of the colors and their relationship.

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Pastel Green

Hex Code: #00B657

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Golden Tainoi

Hex Code: #f8c44f

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Navy Blue

Hex Code: #006cbe

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Icons and Illustration

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Mobile Application Design

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