The Challenge

The value of providing the exact information your clients, customers, and prospects are looking for — without all of the fluff that can make emails lengthy, intimidating, and difficult to read. The design is simple, appealing, and easy to scan, with a call to action set apart on the side and emphasized by both a different color and a border.

image 814

Clean & Simple Email template

It took us 2 months and a lot of long evenings to create this. But I’m proud to say that we completed the screens. It’s one of the biggest projects which we’ve ever created.

image 815
image 816
image 817
image 818

Color Guide

And here is which color we used.

image 819


image 820


image 821


image 822


image 823



Lato works well for screens. It has great readability, flexibility and trendy.

Lato font family

a b c d e





Aa Bb Cc Ee 0123.!?#

Aa Bb Cc Ee 0123.!?#



0123456789 @#$% (.!?,:;)

image 824
image 825
image 826
image 827